6th International Folklore Festival



The 6th International Folkore Festival in Erfurt, Germany was held form Thursday 25 till Monday 29th of June. We were invited to see the festival and performances.

We were closely connected to the Ukrainian and Dutch folklore groups and travelled to the city which knows how to receive participants and tourists.

This year there were groups from: Bulgaria, Gemany, Finland, Indonesia, Kenia, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland and Czech Republic. All groups stayed in the Radisson SAS hotel in Erfurt. Because of the perfect location of this hotel, all groups were in several minutes walking by the different stages. On the Citadelle Petersberg, there was the main stage were on Friday evening a big Folklore Gala was held en were ware many places for invited and interested people.

Saturday all groups were invited for a big group picture on the stair of the Domplatz. Next to this a parade was made to the centre of the city followed up with much performances on the Fischmarkt, Anger, Domplatz, Benediktsplatz, Wenigemarkt and the Citadelle Petersberg.

During the festival all groups were accompanied by members of the local German folkloregroup. On the Citadelle there was the information centre of the festival located.

The municipality of Erfurt has worked hard the last years to give the city more appreciation. In a conversation with an older lady in the place of Eisenach, she said that Erfurt for the “Wende” it was a filty city, but nowadays it is a fine place to stay. Especially when the sun is shining and there are several colourful folklore groups performing in the centre of Erfurt.

Next to the perfect organisation all performances were free of charge.

The Thüringer Folklore Ensembel of Erfurt we thank for their enormous effort on this sixth festival. We wish them succes with organising in the future.


Written by: Gerard van Damme


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