Journée de l'Europe in Vésinet


On Saturday the 9th of May there were organised in several places in France the day of Europe.

Our foundation Zeeuwse Klederdracht was asked to contribute at several places to present te Dutch culture. The performance group of the Dutch folklore group Ralda from Raalte stayed this weekend in the French place of Saint Leu d’ Esserent.

Some participants of our foundation were invited in the place Le Vésinet in the region of Paris. The new major of Le Vésinet Mr. Robert Varese would like to organise for the first time ‘Journée de l’Europe’ in his city.

The foundation was invited by Mrs. Mary Beelaerts, councillor of the municipality of Le Vésinet. Due to several years of experience in National and International Folklore it was no problem to advise the municipality for several ideas to promote the Netherlands. Some of these ideas were successfully organised on Saturday the 9th of May. On the city hall square there were several stands arranged for different European member countries. Also the local organisation of sister congregation in Le Vésinet granted cooperation.

At 11 o’clock the major opened in the assistance of Josette Hubert and Alain Gournac the first European day. Later the representative Mr. Jacqures Myard entered this society. He special enjoyed the bicycle trip.  Together with the Major he made a trip in the newest bike of Batavus in the centre of Le Vésinet. The firm “Holland Bikes” participated the whole day to promote interested people for a trip on our national product the bicycle. In the Dutch stand the people could taste our regional sweet babbelaars, or be informed about taking a holiday in the Netherlands. Also several souvenirs were for sale, the most attractive was the bag with purple tulips printed on the sides.

The interest of our authentic costumes was also high.

Due to the succes of this day there will be planned next appointments for the 9th of May in 2010. The municipality of Le Vésinet has plans to organise this day at the new marketplace in the centre, with the intention to invite more delegations of Europe and with more cultural activities.

Writer: Gerard van Damme


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