Shell invites "Zeeuwse" girl again!


Shell had Sunday the 3th of May big plans with the known “Zeeuwse” girl.

Mrs Amy Seerden from Middelburg was several years ago “Zeeuwse” girl. Together with dresser Mrs Ria Katsman from Oud Sabbinge and chauffeur Bram Katsman, they were early in the morning on the road to Amsterdam. There would be made several recordings for Shell.

The presentation on the AutoRai of the “Fuel Save Euro 95” with also a “Zeeuwse” girl was the reason to invite again the folklore from Zeeland to Amsterdam.

At this time other representatives of our foundation were promoting our region in the Belgium place of Ličge. Much work has been done form Belgium to make it possible to let Amy figure as “Zeeuwse” girl in the capital city of the Netherlands.

At the end of the day the Shell promotion team was most satisfied with the contribution of our foundation for “Zeeuwse” Traditional Costumes.

Writer: Gerard van Damme

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