International Children Folklore festival
at Zielona Gora, Poland

From Monday 27th July till Sunday 2nd of August the place of Zielona Goren in Poland held their 10th International Children Folklore Festival.

The participants came from, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Belarus. Near the Lubuski Theatre in the Centre, several participants form different groups practiced dances with each other. Interested people with children and parents could joy them.

The other foreign groups travelled to one of the 20 villages which took part of the festival to give there a performance.

In the evening three groups performed their folklore program in the Lubuski Theatre.

On Saturday the 1st of August there was held a Gala concert at the open air theatre of Anna German in Zielona Gora. With the opening and finishing all groups were involved. These program parts were practiced comprehensively in the morning.

All groups were accommodated in the student hotel at the place of the university in Zielona Gora.  

Written by: Gerard van Damme


The Pictures

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