Folkloristische dagen Josefov,
Moravië, Tsjechië


Easter Holy Week begins on Sunday, May Sunday - the arrival of Christ Jerusalem on a donkey, according to tradition. On Thursday (Green Thursday) the last supper of Christ with his apostles, and since then, from about 19:00, the young boys begin to ride with rattles (hrkač).

They continue on Friday morning at 5:00, at 12:00, before the Good Friday ceremonies in the church at 15:00, then at 19:00. On Saturday (White Saturday) at 5:00, at 12:00 and last at 19:00. Walking around the village itself symbolizes the greatness and seriousness of Holy Week.

On Thursday in the church at Holy Mass, they ring the church bells for the last time and symbolically fly to Rome. These bells replace the already mentioned rattles. The bells arrive again on Saturday at the time of Christ's resurrection.

The following week on Monday (Easter Monday) they go to carol. Boys can go from 0:00 to 12:00 and from 12:00 to 0:00 girls. Both boys and girls go to a carol with a pomp (pomlázka).

They can get painted eggs and other sweets. The pomlázka itself is made of willow. Trees have a life force in them, and when caroling, beating the opposite gender, they transfer life force and flexibility, youth, from the mentioned tree.

This is how it happens mainly in our region. In other places, they are also watered, sprayed with perfume.




Hrkačování - go with rattles


Easter Monday


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