Cultural visit to the capital city of Ukraine
december 2008

A delegation of the foundations ‘St. Zeeuwse klederdracht’ and ‘St. International Folklore’ was during  Christmas holidays in Kiev.

The local representative of one of the foundations organised meetings with leaders and directors of cultural organisations in and around Kiev.

The Dutch delegation could also follow a day in the school from Nastya, a girl from 10 years old in Kiev. And her lessons in the school for circus and music.

During there stay there was also time to visit the music theatre and some museums.

For the future there is a lot to do to make exchange programs between schools and art organisations in Ukraine and the Netherlands.


Gerard van Damme

IMG_2598 : A footbridge in Kiev hanged full of "wedding locks".

IMG_2604 : In the frost a small trader is doing buisiness

IMG_2606 : A large decorated christmas tree in the center

IMG_2640 : A performance in the National Opera of Ukraine building

IMG_2650 : A class divided in several groups named: 'commander’
IMG_2652 : commander 2
IMG_2655 : commander 3

IMG_2656 : commander 4

IMG_2657 : commander 5

IMG_2661 : The circus performer of Nastya
IMG_2662 : Each part perfomed calm


IMG_2664 : Serious concentration

IMG_2669 : Crawl through two rings without a problem!

IMG_2673 : commander 4 a happening

IMG_2674 : They end really well

IMG_2677 : Eating each other banana, while blindfolded.

IMG_2698 : Nastya practise on a grand piano at the musical school


IMG_2695 : The museum about Chernobyl in Kiev

IMG_2611 : Viktor Boiko from Folklore Ensemble 'Radost' received a present of the Dutch delegation