Delegation of Dutch Foundation to

Byelorussia and Latvia


For some days a delegation of the foundation “Zeeuwse klederdracht” make a trip to Byelorussia and Latvia.

In the city of  Minsk in Byelorussia they were invited by the “Ministry’s of Education of Republic of Belarus” and “The National centre of artistic creativity of children and youth” The visit was according the celebration of the 45 years of the folklore ensemble Zorachka. The Dutch foundation organize in the past two times a trip from about 45 days in different countries in West of Europe. The volunteers of the foundation received from the Embassy of Byelorussia a visa according the agreement between Byelorussia and the Netherlands. They fly from Brussels airport via Riga to Minsk. There they stay for seven days in a luxurious apartment in the centre of the city. Together with delegations of different countries they realized a cultural program.

In the theater of the  national centre they visit the performance of the ensemble Zorachka. After the ceremony there was an after party with many old members and members of the group in Minsk. Even from the first visit in the Netherlands in 1991 there were some members of the group. Some of them traveled from USA to Minsk for this evening.

All delegations visit performances of the national circus in the capital, the philharmonic,  the national ballet that performed the “Swan Lake ” from Tchaikovsky and museum of the city . This interesting building has a total new part were modern art is exposed.

De honorary consul from the Netherlands in Minsk Mr. Alexander Vinokurov invited the  delegation from the province of Zeeland in his office in the capital city. They speak about the possibilities for both folklores to promote the regional factories in the future. In Byelorussia   are a lot of factories who can help them.

In their original dress a delegation of Moldova and the Netherlands  visit the chairman of the  presidium Byelorussia  society of friendship and cultural relation with foreign countries  Mrs. Nina S. Ivanova. The state of  Moldova is already member in the society. The Netherlands has till today not a member in this society. Mrs. Ivanova asked the leader of the delegation to work on it in the future.

The delegations from Estonia, Moldova and the Netherlands were invited to drink coffee with the new director of the national centre in the city. She was very interested in the cultural activities from all the delegations. She gave also an explication of all the cultural trainings that children in the city can follow every day.

In Riga, Latvia the delegation was invited by the folklore ensembles “Liesma” en “Dzirkstelite” and the modern dance group “Vecriga”. In the past the Dutch foundation organized for both folklore ensembles a trip in West of Europa.  “Vecriga”. take part in the big Europa festival in Belgium.

In the airport of Riga were two members of “Vecriga” waiting for the Dutch delegation. With taxi they went to hotel Domina in the centre of the city. The local groups reserved rooms for them. Next day they organized an excursion in the city and a visit to the historical museum. There was an exposition of the history of Latvia from 1917 till 1953.

On Saturday was planned a visit to the city museum. In the afternoon they walked in the old city and visit a training for the group “Vecriga”. After that they spoke with the leaders of the group about their invitation in Belgium.

Sunday afternoon the delegation from the province of Zeeland depart back to the Netherlands.



2756 : Opening the performance by the choir of Zorachka.

2762 : The youngest musicians of the ensemble.

2846 : Comical act of the ensemble Zorachka

2884 : Ensemble leader Alla Navitskaya, thanks all people.

2900 : Some members of the ensemble anno 2008.

2921 : The Dutch delegation with members of Zorachka

2961 : Drinking coffee with the director of the national centre in Minsk.

2971 : Visiting the honorary consul mr. Alexander Vinokurov.

2998 : In the concerthall of the “Society of Friendship and Cultural Relation”

3111 : Modern dance group “Vecriga” practise for the visiting Belgium.

3146 : Group “Vecriga” practise a France dance.