Ensemble Radoves in the Netherlands

We followed the group closely:

One complete week the folklore ensemble Radoves from the place Voronezh in Russia was at guest in our Zeeland. There the were accommodated in guest families. Interested people could enjoy authentic and contemporary Russian folklore music at several places in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Radoves means in old Russian “with the complete heart” or “with love and enjoyment”. The several aged members of this folklore group presented traditional songs from their ancestors with love for traditional Russian folklore. The leader of the group, Svetlana Revnjova studied on the Music Academy of Voronezh with specialisation musicology.

More than 10 years the members of Radoves make trips to 50 villages in the Voronezh region to learn and collect traditional music and old traditions. That is why their repertoire is wide and rich.

Season related ceremonial music, music for weddings, lyric music, dancing songs, chastushki, stradania, folklore games, ceremonials and presentations from the present region of Voronezh are the repertoire of Radoves. Radoves is very strict about traditions and customs without decoration. The local dialect, traditional dancing passes, original old costumes are complete and carefully kept by the members of the group.

Radoves uses traditional songs and dances as a way of communication. The members of the group are focussed to dedicate their concerts and activities up to the younger generation and make them familiar with the rich Russian traditions. Radoves performed in several Russian cities: Kursk, Orel, Belgorod, Archangelsk, Severodvinstk, Moskou and Novgorod to name some examples. The Radoves members have also performed in the USA.

During the performances with playing authentic instruments the audience is actively involved. Their handmade original costumes are also explained in their performance and embroidery techniques, material choices an traditional costumes.

Also they visited “Sportpunt Zeeland” during their stay in Goes. This is the swimming accommodation in Goes. Before leaving the members of the group presented a souvenir with a Russian “thank you” song to Jean-Paul of “Sportpunt Zeeland”.


Gerard van Damme