Organized in 1977, Cloggers West is a group of young people dedicated to performing and preserving the traditional dances and music of early America . People from all over the world began to coming to America and in the 1800’s, the country quickly became the ‘melting pot’ of the world.  

With people from several countries all speaking different languages, the music and the dance were the best way to communicate and socialize together. The dances resemble ‘square dancing’ with the dancers wearing ‘jingle taps’ to raise the excitement. Swirling skirts flashy shirts and high energy highlight the show.

 Music is provided by ‘Bluegrass Thunder’, with violin, banjo, guitar, bass and accordion playing traditional western songs.  

Cloggers West has won two national age group championships, in Fontanam North Carolina and has traveled to England, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Greece, Mexico and Israel. The group is based in Orem , Utah , in the western United States and is directed by Terry Tucker.