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Model Folk Song and Dance Ensemble «Zorachka» was created in the National Center for Children and youth creativity in 1963. It is the first and unique ensemble for the children and youth consisting of 3 sections: vocal, choreographic and orchestral, which perform together or separately.

 The Ensemble studies and updates traditions of Belarusian singing-dancing and musical creativity. Audience pays much attention to its performances, considering each of them an event. The ensemble brings back to life ancient rites_ games. Traditional Belarusian costumes from different regions of the country have been created by leading artists. The Orchestra's musical instruments are: accordions, pipes, «zhaleikas» (kind of pipe, made from cow's hom or birch bark), straws, lyres and «bassetias» made by Belarusian skilled craftsmen.

 The ensemble tours a lot not only over Belarus but also in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovac Republic, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Cuba, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, where has won general recognition. Wherever «Zorachka» goes, it brings a difference in someone's life, creates a feeling of a holiday of youth and beauty. The Ensemble is a repeated prize and diploma winner of various international con tests. «Zorachka» won «The slavianski Bazar 1999» international contest'prize for «The most beautiful children program».