STRAUSBERG   Strausberg

The Dance Theatre Strausberg e.V. was founded within the Center of Culture & Sports Strausberg (near Berlin) in 1967. The Dance Theatre has given itself the task to provide children and youngsters the possibility of a meaningful activity in their spare time and  wants to awake and develop artistical ambitions.  

The choreografies show not only traditions of our home country with its typical dances, games, songs and customs, but also experiences and games of our children.  

Part of our repertoire is European folk dance as well as show dance, dance theatre pieces and danced fairytales.  

Since 1972 the group has received many diplomas and gold medals during the Dance Festivals in Rudolstadt and the Workers Festivals of the GDR. In 1980 the Dance Theatre was given the “Heinrich-von-Kleist- Preis” and the “Theaodor-Körner- Preis” in 1986, which used to be reknowned honours for artistical work  in Eastern Germany.  

Since 1976 we have done tours to festivals and guest performences in Poland, Russia, Letvenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Chechia, France and Belgium.  

Today the Dance Theatre continues 80 children and young people in the age from 6 to 35, divided into 6 groups.

Because of  the stilistical differences in be- tween our repertoire the music for our shows is provided from tapes. For specials ocations, however, we have had a little group of musicians accompanying our dances.  

The Dance Theatre Strausberg has been directed by the choreographer and
dance teacher Nora Jarchow-Dürrenfeld since its foundation.