The DANCING GROUP OF AEGIO was founded in 1978 and today is one of the biggest, in number of dancers, Cultural Associations of Greece, which deal with the teaching, presentation and distribution of Greek traditional dances. It has given hundreds performances at the region of Aigialia, at the communities of Achaia but also at a lot of cities of Greece and at foreign countries.
Stations in the history of Dancing Group are his first exit in 1982 at international festival at the CORlZIA of Northern Italy and the third place in the competition, but also the golden medal in 1991 at the SCHOTEN of Antwerp of Belgium, in world festival. It has also taken part in six world festivals in 1986 and 1992 at NICE of FRANCE, in 1996 at the MARTIGVES, in 1999 at SAINTES of FRANCE, in 2000 once again at SCHOTEN
ïf BELGIUM and in 2001 in AMBERT FRANCE. The Dancing Group has also participated in three European meetings, in 1985 and 1990 at BITBOURG of Germany and in 1998 in the European meeting of young persons at BOURG LUNDGIST AIN KASSEL. From 1982 until today it has given above of 160 performances in international festivals of 100 cities of France -Italy -Germany -Belgium -Holland -Spain -Forrner Soviet Union -Yugoslavia -Cyprus -Finland ­Portugal -Czech Republic. It has an inexhaustible repertory, part of which presents the orchestra of the Dancing Group of Aegio.

In 2003 our dancing group will represent, for the First time in sixty years, our country, in the world Festival Amelie­Les Bains France, along with Argentina, Russia, Hungary, Costa Rica, Volivia, China, Romania, and the Islands of Fidji. 4st-141st August 2003 other 40 members of the Dancing Group took part in the 61th INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL in Amelie-Lais-Bains Palalda in S. France. 
21st-31st August 2003 other 40 members of the Dancing Group took part in the 6th FESTIVAL TIRRENO in Casttoreale in Siccily where they won the 1st prize, among Servia, Romania, Bulgary and Portugal.

In 2004 from 4 to 10 August took place in the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF DANCES AND COSTUMES OF SCHWALENBERG in Germany where was applaused as the best group between countries such as India, Russia, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Bulgary, Schotland and Germany. The performances were watched by the president of Netherlands’ C.I.O.F.F. ,
Gerard Van Damme.

Sincerely yours

The manager