The  Group Folkloristico Pavullese was born around the 1970 to relive customs and traditions of  folklore of Pavullo. Pavullo in the Frignano is located in the Tosco – Emiliano Appennines, center – nord of Italy, to the height of around 700 meters on the level of the sea, near Modena and Mount Cimone , the highest in the Appennines. Pavullo is a town rich of culture and folklore and the G.F.P. from years seek and maintains alive all these traditions.  

The birth of the group was tied to the tradition of the Carnival where, the “ Lacchè” 
(this is the name of these dancers of  the long conical hats which dance the Monferrina, traditional music) advanced the parades of the allegorical float  for announce the arrival of all parade.  

The customs were created specially for the tradition of the Carnival  and now they are maintaining the originality and the vivacity of the past time: they are adorned from gaudy and coloured cloths  and from bright paiettes.  

The Hats, long cones around a meter and half, are adorned in the summit from coloured plumage and from coloured sketches of adhesive paper along the cone.  

In time the  G.F.P.  has  looked for other popular and traditional dances and now the dancers  represent them  also on  stages,  in theatres, in  squares with other traditional customs but they always preserve the originality of the tradition and of the movements.  

The group has formed by 25 dancers, of age between 14 and 23 years, and  by an orchestra, of six   elements, that  matches the  dances of the group and   it play all kinds  of music ( popular, folk, revival, pop music ……)  

Of big effect are the exhibition in occasion of parades like those of Carnivals in which these “ Lacchè “move the long hats in choreographic imagery to the rhythm  of the traditional “ Monferrina”          

These young dancers participated to numerous international  festivals of folklore in numerous countries of the Europe: 1980 Israel, 1981 Romania, 1982 England, 1983 Germany, Belgium, 1986 Switzerland,1988 Holland, 1990 Spain, 1991 Palma de Mallorca, 1992 Turchia, 1995 Russia, Belgium, 1997 Lituania, Germany, 1998 Agrigento “Festival del mandorlo in fiore”, Finland , Ungheria, 1999 Belgium, Germany.  

The Group Folk. Pavullese participated also to : important Carnivals in biggest city of Italy ( Milano, Venezia, Ferrara , Viareggio) ; important programs of the RAI, television of Italian State; important sporting manifestations like: opening of the Plays of the winters Youth, Worlds of ski, Olympiad , final of the Cup of the World of ski and to numerous ceremonies of opening  of sporting manifestations organize  from the CONI.