For many years the Folk Dance Ensemble  ‘Liesma’ has been at the top of Latvian dance groups. It celevrates the 55th anniversary in 2001  

The children’s dance group ‘Dzirkstelite’ was founded in 1962 under the leadership of Imants Magone – the leader of „Liesma“. In the beginning „Dzirkstelite“ was a dance school  for ‘Liesma’, later on it became an independent ensemble.  

In 1985 „Dzirkstelite“ was awarded the title of Folk Dance Ensemble. 
It has also got several prizes at international festivals.  

During many years  ‘Dzirkstelite’ has become one of the biggest children‘s dance ensembles and has more particpants than its „big sister“.It is also a dance school, attended by more than 250 children at the age of 3 to 14. The children study Latvian folklore, the basic elements of ethnographic as well as classical dance. Afterwards they become participants of the studio of „Liesma“, and finally – dancers of „Liesma“.  

In 1994 Janis Marcinkevics became the leader of ‘Dzirkstelite’. He has realised the greatest part of his choreographies in ‘Dzirkstelite’ and ‘Liesma’. 

‘Dzirkstelite’ has had concert tours in Lithuania, Russia, Ukraina, Poland, Germany, Japan, Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands. In Germany ‘and Spain the ensemble has won first prizes.  

The possibilities of development have been guaranteed by joint efforts of teachers, parents and sponsors.





The individual style and manner of performing, perfectly worked out dances, wide range of art, bold experiments in the modern choreography, high flight of fantasy, peculiar and original interpretations of folk dance, which are based on the understanding of the nation’s folklore. These are the features that characterize the Laureate of International Contests the Folk Dance Ensemble ‘Liesma’.  

The Folk Dance Ensemble works since 1946. when it has been established and 15 years directed by one of the initiators of the Latvian Folk Dance Arvids Donass. Starting from 1961 up to the present time the leader and the soul of ‘Liesma’ is the choreographer Imants MAGONE. More than 50 dancers, its own vocal group, band and the Children’s Folk Dance Ensemble ‘Dzirkstelite’ (more than 200 participants) are unitedby the love for the folk art.  

From 1974 ‘Liesma’ occupies the leading place among the Latvian Ensembles. Having taken part into two World Festivals of Youth and Students in Berlin and Moscow, the ensemble has been awarded the golden medal. Having participated into the International Exhibition ‘Portopia-81’ in Japan, ‘Liesma’ has been recognized as the best one among the ensembles from 58 countries, which has given concerts in the exhibition. ‘Liesma’ is the laureate of the two International Folk Dance contests-in Hungary and Great Britain. The ensemble is awarded the highest titles, that are given to the groups of folk art - the Folk Group and the Honored Group. ‘Liesma’ still is the only ensemble in Latvia having such great achievements at home and abroad.  

The spectators from Poland, Rumania, Rissia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Finland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Iceland, Cuba, Japan, Canada, Germany, Sweden etc. have applauded to the art of the ensemble.  

‘Liesma’ is shot by the Latvian and foreign TV companies. The most popular broadcasting programs are ‘The Axiom of Dance’, ‘The Ancient Dance’, ‘Come, Little Sister, Have a Dance’ etc.  

Beside the Latvian Folk dances, songs and music, ‘Liesma’ includes the best pieces of art from other nations and the modern choreography in its concerts, as well.The artistic leader of the ensemble is well known choreographer in Latvia. He has worked in the dance groups from other countries (Poland, Russia, France and Great Britain). He is a supreme leader of all the latest Latvian Dance and Song Festivals. The performances of IMANTS MAGONE’S dances have won the recognition in those places, where the ensemble has given concerts.