TINERETEA   Chisinau

The ensemble was founded in 1965 under the rule of great skilled teacher of dance V. Cucubet, an honoured artist of The Republic of Moldova. It was ruled also by the following artists: V. Rîjicov, I. Bazatin, I. Furnică - a honoured artist of The Republic of Moldova.
At present, it is ruled by the srtistic director and teacher of dance V. Cireş.

The orchestra was founded by the great artist I. Burdin. The orchestra was ruled by Dumitru Blajinu, L. Nujnoi, M. Albot. At present, the orchestra is ruled by the conductor Tudor Pascaru.

The ensemble “Tineretea” includes every year from forty to fifty-five dancers, instrumentalists and ingers. The nucleus of the group is composed by the students from the Technical University of Moldova, beng accompanied by students musicians from different musical instutions.

The repertory of the orchestra has basically a folk character, having respectively the necessary popular instruments: pipe, panpipes, clarinet, caval, accordeon, dulcimer trumpet etc. Of hing resonance and great success to the public are such parts from the repertory like “Hora tineretii”, “Hora de la Nord”, “Hora lautareasca pentru trompeta” and athers.

The artistic programme of the ensemble “Tineretea” has also popular dances, which reflect different customs and traditions of the people from this cultural zone. Here we mean the “Hora”, “Sirba”, “Batuta” full of temperament like “Polca”, “Oltenescul”, “Dans Tiganesc”, “Gopac” , “Joc Mare si Hora”and the dance for girls, “Crihalma”, and for boys – “Calusarii”.

The ensemble “Tineretea” was highly appreciated and was applauded for many times at different students festivals, of ther European countries.

The group performed in Moldova and abroad – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Byelorussia, Poland, Romania, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Ukraine, Bulgaria.Here are presented some successses of the ensemble during its activity:

1966 – The Great Price at The Higher Technical Institutions, which was held in Chisinau.

1969 – laureate of the festival Cazan , Russia .

1970 – receives the title “model group”

1971 – Festival in Greme , Austria .

1973 – takes part in The International Student Festival in Poland .

1974 – performs successfully on the central television of Moscow .

1975 – laureate of the student festival in Yerevan , Armenia .

1976 – Folk Festival, Cazan , Russia ; performs successfully in Austria ;

1979 – the group gets the diploma of first degree at Student Festival in
, Armenia

1982 – “The Youth” ensemble performs in Germany (DGR).

1983-1987 – in each year the ensemble performs in towns and villages of Moldova .

1988 – takes part in “Gaudeamus” Festival in Vilnius , Lithuania .

1989 – makes a tour to Vrotzlaw , Poland , where performs a lot of concerts.

1990 – laureate of “Vesna-15” Student Festival in Sverdlovsk , Russia .

1993 – gets the first degree diploma at The Student Republican Festival of studying youth.

1996 – makes a tour to Romania ;

1997 – is a honoured quest at the Folk Student Festival ”Flori de mar”, Suceava , Romania .

1998 – performs at The Folk International Festival in Carlovac , Croatia .

2000 – Festival “Obiceiuri si traditii de primavara Martisor-2000”.Festival “Pocut, Harcov, Ukraine.

2001 – laureate of International Folk Festival “Plovdiv-2001” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.