Nieuw Zeeland

EVOKES   Mangakino

Polynesian dance Troupe evokes the magic of lsland dancing and music.  

Keepa and Roberta's Polynesian dancers combine the warm rhythms ofthe South Pacific with smooth actions to recreate the magic of the South Sea Islands .  

This group of around 30 Polynesian dancers are all students in the performing arts class at the Polytechnic College of Auckland, New Zealand. The members represent a number of Island peoples including Tahitians, Tongans, Samoans, Cook Islanders and the Maoris of New Zealand.  

Keepa Smith one of the groups directors was a former musician at the world famous Polynesian Culture Centre in Laie Hawaii . He has performed at 4 National Maori culture compititions in New Zealand , and has travelled the world on numerous occasions and has particapated in many folklore festivals as an ambassador of New Zealand under the direction of an internationally known choreographer Mr. Tommy Taurima.  

Roberta Arahanga the other director has also tutoured many Polynesian groups and has taken them to many far away countries around the world. She has performed and judged at many National maori culture compititions in New Zealand . She graduated in 1995 with a bachelor of arts degree in Polynesians studies. Together they make an excellent team and have had amazing success.  

The group will present a mixed program of Polynesian dances including the Haere Mai, the Taku Kawa and the Tangata Manu. Haere Mai, a Polynesian greeting. means "you are welcome here. " Taku Kawa is an acion song telling the love story of a great chief and a beautiful Maori queen.