Grześ   Puławy

The history of “Grześ”

„Grześ”, the scout dancing and singing folk group, was founded in 1984. 
The residence of the group is situated at Primary School No 11 in Puławy. 
The group, the repertoire of which is based on Polish folk regional and national dances consists of approximately 100 youngsters 11-19 years of age. “Grześ” is accomanied by a folk band set up by students of music school and their teachers. The group visited 20 countries during 34 departures and gave almost 800 performances at domestic stages. “Grześ” won a lot of awards and distinctions during all important cultural events.


Krakus   Kraków

Krakus is the oldest student folk group in Poland. 
It was founded by Wieslaw Bialowas in the University of Mining and 
Metallurgy in Cracow in 1949.  

The group presents the Polish original folklore, artistically transformed and adapted to stage exigencies.  

Dances, songs, customs and ceremonies composed as suites from different regions (Cracow, Silesia, Rzeszów, Sacz, Lublin, Kielce, Lowicz, Zywiec and Beskidy), give a vivid and colourful description of beauty and diversity of the folklore as well as show authenticity and wealth of Polish popular costumes.  

‘Krakus’ assembles students of the University of Mining and Metallurgy and also those of other Cracow’s universities, giving them the possiblilty to develop their talents and love of popular music, dance and singing in three sections the band, the dance and the singing dance one.  

During the half-century the Group has given about 4500 concerts in Poland and abroad. It performances given on more than 110 artistic tours, have been heartily applauded in nearly all the European countries as well as in Asia, Africa, North and South America. The Group has received numerous prizes in Poland and on international festivals.  

The excellent choreographers – Marian Wieczysty, Zbigniew Pienkowski, Irena Kik, Barbara Nizanska, Jadwiga Kozlowska, Wladyslaw Kozbial, Jerzy Kwasniewski, and the ,musicians – Ludwik Wísniowski, Jan Brodka, Janusz Kazmierczak – are the authors of the constantly changing stage program of the Group.  

W. Bialowas directed the Group in the years 1949-74 and Stanislaw Rusinek has worked as its director during the following 25 years (1974-99)  

From 1980 ‘krakus’ has got also a children group composed of one hundred kids of 7-15 years of age. The children group has its own program andgives concerts separately or together with the students, both in Poland and abroad.  

Awards and medals:

     Cross of the Order of Polish Resurrection (1984)
Award for the 1000 of the Polish State (1966)

Gold Award of Polish Youth Society (1964)
Gold Award of Socialist Polish Youth Society (1979)
Gold Award for ‘Voluntary Work for the City of Cracow ’ (1971)
Gold Award for the Merits for the Cracow Region (1979)
Gold Award of Honour of the ‘Polonia’ Society (1989)
Medal for the Contribution to the Renovation of Cracow Monuments (1981)
the Gold Award of Honour of the Polish Society of Retired and Handicapped Citizens (1992)
Honourable at the 46  th International Folk Festival in Agrigento Sicily (Italy-2001)
First Aword at the 33 th International Folk Festval “Akademicka Nitra 2002 ( Slovakia –2002)

Certificates and diplomas:

     Second Award of the Culture and Art Ministry ‘For the artistic and educational activity’ (1968)
 Diploma of Honour of the Culture and Art Ministry ‘For the merits in dissemination of culture’ (1975, 1979)
Diploma of the Foreign Affairs Ministry ‘For exceptional merits in the propagation of Polish culture abroad’ (1984)

Diploma of the Society for Contacts with Polish Communities Abroad POLONIA ‘For exceptional merits in strengthening the liaison of Polish Communities with the Homeland’ (1979)
 „Golden Heart” of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (a charity organisation which helps children) (1994)  

Awards at classified festivals:

     First Award at the Polish Festival of Student Art Ensembles in Wrocław (1953)
One of five first awards at the 35th World Folk Festival at Lefkas Island   ( Greece   - 1965)
the Bronze Necklace of the Princes of Burgundy at the 12th International Folk Festival in
  Dijon   ( France   - 1967)
First Award at the 1st International Festival of Student Folk Ensembles in Katowice (1969)
Grand Prix at the 11th International Folk Festival in Marchienne au Point  ( Belgium - 1970)
‘Golden Grape’ at the 25th International Folk Festival in Dijon   ( France   - 1971)


Łódź   Łódź

The Folk Song and Dance ensemble "Łódź" was founded in 1983 and is developing under Youth Cultural Centre's carestill expanding their repertoire, which consists of not only national dances from many regions in Poland.

Rehearsals are led in different groups which are divided, according to age, into: children, teenagers, and adults.

The Group was on several tours arount the contry and also abroad. Good looking youngsters, beatiful dance clothes, original and interesting musical and choreographic compositions, bewitching songs were seen by audience in, Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Greece.

Moreover, "Łódź" is a member of Associations Polish Section of National Council's Folk Associations, Festivals and Folk Art.
During various journeys, exept single preformances, the group took part in national folk festivals, where it achieved many precious awards and partialities.

The group is everywhere well welcomed and strongly applauded bij exited audience. Through our dances and song we are covering with te glory the beauty of polish folklore.

Artistic Manager and choreograph
Danuta Ciechanska

Musical Manager and accomponist
Jerry Skrzydlewski


Mały Głusk   Lublin

Folk Dance Ensemble “Little Głusk” was founded in 1983 and for fourteen years, it has sung and danced under the auspices of the Culture Centre in Głusk. It was called the Children Dance Ensemble “Wilczopole” then. In 1997, when the Culture Centre stopped its activity, the group changed its name and now it works by itself as the Folk Dance Ensemble Association “Little Głusk” at St. Jacob the Apostle Parish in Lublin .

In the meantime, Lublin enlarged its territory and Głusk and the adjacent villages are now within the boundaries of the town. That is why, to commemorate the place of our descent, we decided to include the name of Głusk, the youngest Lublin region, in the name of our Ensemble. The members of “Little Głusk” Ensemble are children and youth aged 7-18, 120 people altogether. The Ensemble consists of four groups of children and one group of youth. In October 1998, the Ensemble had its jubilee of the 15th anniversary of its activity, witch is continued despite the change of the name and organisation structure of the Ensemble.

Within 15 years of its existence, the Ensemble preformed 385 times in Poland and abroad. The repertoire of the Ensemble “Little Głusk” comprises Polish national dances such as: polonez, krakowiak, kujawiak and oberek, and regional dances: Lublin dances, Rzeszów dances, Sącz dances, Kaszuby dances, Opoczno dances, performances presenting traditional customs, as well as songs and melodies from various regions of Poland. Music is provided by the band consisting of 6 people. The ensemble uses beautiful, colourful costumes from various regions of Poland .

Since 1989, “Little Głusk” has had constant cultural exchange with foreign folk groups and with big success it preformed in Switzerland , Lichtenstein Principality, Denmark , a few times in Germany , a few times in Hungary , Slovakia and Italy . Since 1996, the Ensemble has been a member of the European Folkloristic-Cultural Organisation in Strasbourg .
The Ensemble took part in numerous competitions and dance festivals and it was awarded with numerous rewards and recognition prizes.

Founder, artistic director and choreographer
Ursula Obara

Music director
Andrzej Gościło      


Wałbrzych   Wałbrzych

The Polish folk Group of Song and Dance „ Wałbrzych ” Is offering concerts during folk festivals organised in Your country. We are mentioning  that the Group came into being in 1955 .
In four groups of age, children but also young people and students from the schools and universities of Wałbrzych, are dancing and singing.

The children’ s but also the youth’s concert show was highly rated by experts council of the Ministry of Culture and the Artistic Council of the organisation CIOFF, and recognised as a Youth Ambassador of polish culyure.
The children’s and the youth’s repertoire of the group is diverse. The base of children’s Program is games and folk play, adjusted to the of performers.
The older groups beyond The presentation of dancing and musical folk of Polish regions, have also very interesting Worked aut Polish songs and National dances. The high artistic level of the concerts, repertoire abundabce, like also the form ofpresentation of the most crucial value of Polish cutural inheritance, contributed to the recommendation of the Group by the Polish Section of CIOFF to the Internationals

Festivals, among others to : France, Italy, China, Slovakia, Ukraine, Portugal, Austra, United States, Canada, Germania, Greece.
We are kindly asking you for an answer to aur proposal,. The cocertgroup with the band And the artistic carers numbers 36 to 40 persons. We shall willingly accept a proposition of Giving concert at festivals of children’s and also youth’s folk. We shall willingly also establish co-operation with your groups and organise concerts for Them in our city and our Country.


Mali Gorzowiacy   Gorzów Wielkopolski

The "Mali Gorzowiacy" Folk Dance Group from Poland was established at the Youth Community Centre in Gorzów Wielkopolski in 1981.

The members of this group, about 160 persons, are children and youth in the age of 5-22 from the local schools.
There are three concert groups in different age with their own programme which can last about 60 minutes each of them:

  • the oldest age of 17 to 21
  • middle age of 13 to 16
  • the children group age of 10 to 12

We have got the folk band which consists of professional musicians.

Group leaders, while preparing the artistic programme, seek to adapt the programme to the age and performance abilities of the members. Moreover, they work to develop youth interest in music and dance and to improve their knowledge of different folk regions of Poland. One of the goals is to perform Polish folk dances and songs on the stage. The group has participated in several International Folk Festivals.

The “Mali Gorzowiacy” are the member of the CIOFF.


Our group has an experience in different folk festivals. Last year, 2007 we took part in 7 different international events – festivals, meetings, projects, etc. We are found as a good folk group and if you want to have the really great group on your festival we can recommend our.