TERRAS DE CAMBRA   Terras de Cambra


HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: The Ethnographic Group ‘Terras de Cambra’, founded in 1973, is made up of people from various social and age status.  

The group claims to make the faithful representation of the dances, the songs, the way of living of people from Cambra, in the late XIX century, beginning of the XX century.  

The region of Cambra stands between ‘Beira Litoral’ and ‘Beira Alta’ in the part west of the ‘Gralheira’ mountains.  

In his permanent activity the G.E.T.C. looks for the fulfilling of many activities meanwhile: International Folklore Festivals; Intrnational Cultural Interchanges; Congress and Folkloric Expositions.  

The G.E.T.C. has taken part of many festivals in many countries: 1987, 1989, 1994 in France; 1988, 1991 in Spain; 1990 in former Yugoslavia; 1992 in the Netherlands; 1993 in Germany; 1994 in Austria; 1995 in Hungary and Brasil.  

Looking to get the children’s attention for the will, of defense and preservation of the ethnic-folkloric value, the G.E.T.C. created his child section in 1995.