ČARNICA   Košice

Folklore ensemble ČARNICA
Civil association
Established in: 1957
Artistic and organizing manager: Marián Baloga
Music director: MUDr. František Kováčik

ČARNICA folklore ensamble consists of 60 young people members who are students and graduates of universities and colleges prevailingly.
The activity of the ensemble is aimed at scenic preformance of the folklore of all Eastern - Slovakia regions, from Gemer up to Zemplín and Šariš as well. 
When establishing this ensemble, the goal of its activities was tated to propagate by music, singing and dancing the artistic heritage of our fathers and granfathers.
The Čarnica folklore ensemble won many prices, from highest state and social apperectiations up to Price of Košice Town.
The ensemble won many prices in the foreign folklore festivals such as Bronze Chain in the folklore festival in Dijon. It became the laureate of the youth folklore festival in Helsinki and Berlin and was presented in 16 countries of Asia and Europe.


VAGONAR   Poprad

The folklore group ‘Vagonar’ performing folk dances and songs, was founded in October 1972. The foundation was initiated by The Workers Club of Tatravagonka Poprad (Tatravagónka a.s. is a producer of freight wagons). The group did dozens performances during its existence and took part at many domestic folk festivals as well as festivals abroad.  

The folklore group performed in: Poland , Hungary , Germany , Bulgaria , Romania , France , Italy ,   Great Britain and Czech republic .  

The ‘VAGONAR’ belongs among the most outstanding amateur folklore groups in Slovakia . The members of the group spread the folk art of their fathers, mothers and ancestors. The group activity is aimed to save songs, dances, music and costumes of our ancestors for next generations.  

The ‘VAGONAR’ is pleased to offer You the programme ‘Poklady nasho Pudu v piesni a tanci ukryte’ (‘Treasures of our people hidden in songs and dances’), which is concerned to introduce us and to present our town and country. This performance brings You the folk art of Slovak regions as Spis, Liptov, Horehronie, Saris and Zemplin.  

Jaroslav Kundis


ZOBOR   Nitra

ZOBOR is not only the name of the hill above Nitra under which a good wine is yielded (that moves to dance and sing), but also the name of the folk ensemble of the Slovak Agriculture University in Nitra.  

The ensemble was founded in 1956 as one of the oldest folk ensembles in Slovakia. It has received several top prizes from inland and international competitions and festivals and has visited at about 20 countries. The whole ensemble consists of dancers, musicians and girls singers group (together 45 persons).  

The ensemble is one of the main organizators of the international academic festival which takes place in Nitra every two years.  

The members are students of Nitra universities and they are all united with their love to Slovak traditions. The repertory of the ensemble consists of programme numbers from many regions of West, Middle and East Slovakia.  

Slovak Agriculture University is the top scientific-pedagogical institution which provides educational and special training for agricultural praxis, scientific research basis and directing of agriculture. At about 10 000 students study at it in more types of study. Its existence promoted the concentration of various agricultural institutions concerned with education, science, research and production in Nitra - designed as ‘Mother of towns’, the oldest and one of the most beautiful towns in Slovak Republic.  

List of main festivals (1989 - 1998) we have been participate  

1989   Hungary, France (chateaneauf de Fau)

1990   Turkey (Istanbul)

1991   Italy (Erba - Como ), Poland (Zielona Gora)

1992   Italy (San Giovanni Rotondo)

1993   Austria ( Graz )

1994   Turkey

1995   Spain ( Leganes , Malaga )

1996   France ( Biarritz )

1997   Sardegna (Bono)

1998   Portugal (Santa Rem)

1999   Sicilia (Custonaci)