Anadolu Halkoyunları Derneği AHOY Folk Dance Group   Ankara

Leader of the group: Hasan Serkan TEZCÜR
Brief about group: We are a folk dance group from Turkey. The group can perform 5-6 different Turkish traditional dances. We have been some festivals and TV programs in Turkey and foreign countries.
There are 30 dancers, 2 musicians,1 translator and 2 managers in our group. According to you, we can decrease or increase number of dancers.

Black Sea Dance: This is from the northeastern part of the Black Sea coast of Turkey, where the typical instrument is a small three stringed violin called "KEMENCE". The vivid and agile figures of the dance resemble the movements of a famous small anchovy (Hamsi) amid the angry waves of its native Black Sea. This Dance performed by both females and males, mainly at the tea plantations of the eastern Black Sea region.

Anatolian Dance: These dances, with its flamboyant colors, rough, fast figures, come from the eastern part of Turkey, famous for its high, majestic mountains, deep canyons and magnificent rivers and really harsh climate. The high speedy tempo of the Dance reflects this particular characteristics of the region. Among the figures clapping of the hands signifies cleansing the people of evil spirits and the sanctification of the dancers.

The Mystical Sema Dance (Whirling Dervishes): This is a mystical dance in which both the humanism and the concept of tolerance of the mid 13th century mystical Sufi philosopher Celaleddin-I Rumi are dominant. Its theme is; Whatever and Whoever You are, Come Again Whether Idolater or Pagan, Come Again In this ceremony people fulfill their obligation of servitude and gratitude to God by turning (whirling) ecstatically around the Saintly Dervish, who is considered the “Light.” The dance is performed by four parties who gradually speed up. Each party and each part of the clothes worn by the Dervishes have different meanings.

Drum Show: This impressive drum show represents Anatolian Turkish rhythmic music and consists of short, vivid, rhythmic music performed by numerous Turkish drums.

Ciftetelli Belly Dance(Dance at Palace): Ciftetelli is one of the most common and traditional folk dance performed only by females during holiday celebrations and wedding ceremonies in almost every region of Turkey. All over the world the dance is described as the harmony of music and body. Ciftetelli adds the "spirit" to that description. It reflects the enthusiasm of Turkish people. The music has a very specific count that can be found in a lot of Middle Eastern music. Ciftetelli is happy, lively music with a combination of instruments, varying in tempo from slow to medium to fast. The costumes worn by the dancers resemble those worn by women who lived in the imperial palaces of the Ottoman Empire and do not represent a single region of Turkey.




It was built in 1992 in İzmir. İzmir is the 3rd big city of Turkey , ıt’s on the west coast of Turkey , by the Egean sea. İzmir is a crowded city, so, many different people living here together. Each ethnic society have their own properties and traditiations . Our Association  represent  all of our different cultures.

Each regions of Turkey are different than each other, as culture.Dances and their orginal music are not similar. The costum, technique and style has special character. Some of the musical instruments are very stringe, some of them are primative, but all of them are really interesting. Dances mostly perform in high tempo.  

 We have 5 different, authotantic, regional dances. Each one has it’s traditional character and all kind of dances are really very colorfull.

The group can perform continuously more than 2 hours.

Our dancers can dance in/under every condition(on stage,in hall or on the ground etc.)

The name of dances are ELAZIĞ – ARTVİN – BATUM – AZERİ –KIRIM – KAFKAS.  The instruments, we use are, Accordeon-Drum-Saz(Bağlama)-Tar-Garmon-ut-zurna.

ELAZIĞ dances starts with soft figures, each dancer carries 8 burning candles in darknes(it keeps nearly l5 minutes)

ARTVİN is fast dance both the girls and boys dance in high tempo(15-20 minutes)

BATUM is a kind of war dance, only boys dance, players are listennig ground, following anemies and fight. During this show only a special drum plays(10 minutes)

AZERİ It’s a gırls dance, it’s  soft and sweet dance. The figures are similar with our famous  belly dance.(8 minutes)

KIRIM, dancers use cymballs while they are dancing.(10 – 12 minutes)

KAFKAS (CAUCASS) It’s the best dance as costumes, technique, musıc and stage usage.It symbolises love and heroic deed .(between 25 – 40 minutes)  

We have visited:

1992. GOZON – ASTURIAS , Spain twice

1999 in MURCIA and IBIZA (Mare Nostrum Festival) HUNGARY (Zemplen Festival)

2000 international folk dance festival PORTUGAL.


2003 in SYRIA.


GEHEM   Ankara

We would like to participate International Folk Dance festival, which is organized by your committee, as Folk Dance Group GEHEM.

Our group has 6 musicians and 16 female and 16 male dancers. Our performances cover different kinds of folk dances from Turkey, and our program may last one hour or more.

We have already participated International Folk Dance Festival in, Belgium,Spain,Nederland, France, Italy, Canada, Bulgaria, Greece,  Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Hungary, China, Taiwan, etc.

We hope you will be helpful to our group to be invited to the Folk Dance Festival.


Our group has  4 musicians and l4 female  and 20 male dancers  which participated in countless International Folk Dance Festivals.  

Malaga                                  /           SPAIN                                   / 1990

Sochi                                     /           RUSSIA                                 / 1991

Fribourg                                /           SWEETZERLAND              / 1992

Bergamo                               /           ITALIA                                    / 1993

Lefkada                                 /           GREECE                              / 1994

Drummondville                     /           CANADA                              / 1995

Bydgoszos                            /           POLAND                               / 1996

Pec                                        /           HUNGARY                            / 1997

Tainan                                   /           TAIWAN                                / 1998

Deva                                      /           ROMANIA                             / 1999

Charlori                                 /           BELGIUM                              / 2000

Veliko Tarnovo                     /           BULGARIA                           / 2001

The foundation date of         :          1965.

Dancers are between          :          16-25 years old.

The director of  group          :           Enver KESKIN

Generally comes from university students who making a program about one hour. The troupe performs folk dances from Turkey’s different regions,

Dance from south part of Turkey. The dances are full of excitement and movements.

The most representative dances of this town in the Mediteranean region of Southern Anatolia, are the ‘Spoons’ dances.

Black Sea Dances. Dances from north part of Turkey.

Swords and shield dance.

The troupe has 6 musicians.
Traditional  Instruments are: Davul, Kemençe, Darbuka, Saz, Kanun. Zurna,