Buhorcha   Bukhara

Folklore ensemble Buhorcha

The given creative organization is formed in 1980 in Bukhara.
The basic kind of activity of this creative ensemble studying and
distribution of a musical heritage of Bukhara.
The ensemble refers to "Buhorcha" therefore as creativity of the given
collective will consist of folklore songs and dances of Bukhara region, and
also product of modern composers.
The program of this ensemble is sated ancient with musical colors which were
executed at various wedding ceremonies for example: dance "Chathi a zone"
that means rotation in a lap "Kift kokish" that means "to shrug shoulders"
"Bedona kadam" that means little step and in dance "Mavrigi" that means "Moorish" it is possible to see riches of Bukhara dancing suits and use during dance of national musical attributes.
All musical numbers are accompanied with ensemble of national musical
instruments such as: "doira",  tanbur ,  nay ,  gijjak ,  soz ,  kashkar
rubob and  Buhoro rubob .

Ensemble "Buhorcha" does not limit the work as display of concerts by the
visitor to tourists and constantly leaves abroad. For this time the ensemble
showed the art in such countries as: America, Canada, Spain, France, Holland
and Germany. The basic purpose of this creative collective is, through display
of a musical heritage of national folklore, rallying of friendship and commonwealth
of nations of the world with independent Uzbekistan.

R. Avezov