Dutch Folklore

Dutch Traditional Costumes

The Foundation for Zeeuws Traditional costumes was set up in 1988. Our aim is to preserve the traditional costumes of South Beveland. The organisation also has costumes from Volendam and dressed dolls from the province of Zeeland. Furthermore, we work together with many other Dutch folklore groups, music groups and people active in the demonstration of old arts and crafts. We also have contact with folklore and cultural groups in very many other countries.


We provide:

Dutch folk dance performances
Old Dutch arts and crafts
Dutch music groups
Dutch music groups in national dress

For hire:

Traditional costumes from South Beveland
Traditional costumes from Volendam
Dolls in costume dress
Dutch flags
Flags from former east-block countries

We accompany:

Traditional costume groups from foreign countries
Music groups from foreign countries



Old Arts and Crafts

Sweet making, Guimpe, Bone handle carving, Lace making, Making up of caps, Calligraphy, Clog making, Beaded bags, Wicker work, Millstone sharpening,Doll making, Painting china, Renaissance lace, Blacksmith, Spinning wheel, Chair caner, Upholsterer, Folk art painting, Sailmaker

International meetings

In August of each year an East European folk group is a guest in our town of Goes. We then present international folklore in a number of Dutch and Belgian towns and cities. During their stay, all the visiting groups members stay with guest-families in Goes and vicinity, so get to know us better and learn more about the Netherlands.

They give daily performances of 90 minutes in Belgium or the Netherlands for the tourists visiting our lovely coast. The ensemble also performs in Belgium, France and Germany for a few days before or after their stay in Goes. Any organisation wishing to invite an East European group to their festivities in August can work together with us.

Any organisation wishing to invite an East European group to their festivities in August can work together with us.In this way, organisations in a number of countries can pull together to promote everything which has to do with folklore.



1973 Germany. 
1974 Poland, Belgium.
1975 Belgium, Germany. 
1977 Belgium, Poland. 
1978 Belgium, Poland. 
1979 Belgium, France. 
1980 Belgium. 
1981 France, Germany. 
1982 Belgium, Germany, France. 
1983 Belgium, Germany, Italy.
1984 Germany, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic. 
1985 Germany, Japan. 
1986 England, Germany, Belgium, Hungary. 
1987 Germany, Ireland. 
1988 Belgium , Germany. 
1989 Germany, England. 
1990 Germany, Czech Republic, France. 
1991 Germany. 
1992 Lithuanian, Belgium. 
1993 Germany, Czech Republic. 
1994 France, Belgium. 
1995 Belgium. 
1996 Belgium. 
1997 Germany, Belgium. 
1998 Germany , Belgium. 
1999 France, Germany. 
2000 Latvia, Belgium. 
2001 Belgium, Germany. 
2002 France, Belgium. 
2003 Germany, Belgium. 
2004 Estonia, Belgium.
2005 Germany, Belgium, Belgium.
2006 Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia.
2007 Germany, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland.
2008 Belarus, Latvia, France
2009 France, Germany, Poland, Luxembourg
2010 Luxembourg, Germany, France